Empire (UK), September 27, 2001

Do The 'Matrix'

The Matrix: post-apocalyptic fable, anti-capitalist tract and Baudrillard-influenced philosophical treatise. Not, then, something that instantly seems to demand a huge dance number, but that seems to be just the case, according to reports on the upcoming Matrix: Reloaded.

It's fair to say that, upon discovering this, Empire Online began to suspect that we'd had a little too much syrup with our pancakes, but it transpires that renowned dance-choreographer Charles Moulton has been enlisted to put a little rhythm into the sci-fi sequel. According to The Matrix Online, Moulton has transformed San Francisco's Almeda naval base into a huge venue for the movie, enlisting a thousand dancers to populate the scene.

"I saw the dailies, and they were absolutely spectacular," says Moulton. "When we were shooting, there were hordes of people. They were using cranes, huge dollies, cables. Cameras came swooping down over the crowd. What they were doing was absolutely wild."

Clamped with a studio-standard seal of secrecy, Moulton was unable to explain exactly how a thousand-strong horde of dancers works it's way into the story. Horrified fans may, at this point, be conjuring images of Morpheus and Trinity doing the Macarena or a impromptu Agent-led rendition of The Village People but the reality is somewhat less disturbing. The sequence will be a "colossal" choreographed routine, which features six or seven distinct movement patterns that ripple through the crowd.

Moulton refused to say whether the film's protagonists will actually appear in the scene but did get the chance to watch one Mr Reeves strut his funky stuff and came away impressed. "Having worked with the best in the world, with Merce [Cunningham] and Baryshnikov, I can say he's very physically disciplined. He takes instruction well. And I think he's great in his movies. I watched the first Matrix, and I thought he was brilliant.

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