WENN (US), October 30, 2001

Keanu Reeves Helps Late Fiance's Mother

Keanu Reeves is helping his late fiance Jennifer Syme's mother to fight her legal battles. He has remained close to Jennifer's mom Maria ever since the young beauty was killed in a car accident earlier this year. And Reeves is now lending a hand to aid Maria in a legal argument involving her upstairs neighbour. According to court records, Maria is seeking a restraining order against a woman with whom she's been involved in screaming matches. A friend of the bereaved parent says, "Keanu has been paying Maria's legal bills. He wants to make sure that the woman who could have been his mother-in-law lives in peace. They're still very tight."


Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Guest (2017-09-24 06:53:04)
 It's heartbreaking to think what could have been. He could have a daughter going off to college this year. He could have been happily together with Jennifer for the past 15+ years. And to be honest, that just breaks my heart. I hope he has found peace in his heart.
scarletx (2019-08-17 17:38:19)
 It’s not like she would have been his mother in law. He’s just being a decent guy. I’m also not sure he was going to be with her for 15+ years. They were not going to marry. They would have just been co-parents. Such a tragic loss.

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