Ananova (US), December 9, 2001

Backpacker will miss dog more than Keanu

A penniless British back-packer is missing her pet dog more than her lover - film star Keanu Reeves.

Rachel Jones says she is missing Flipper her dog after returning to Britain from Australia.

She began an affair with Reeves while living in Sydney, where he is shooting a new movie.

"Being with Keanu was really good. But although I'll really miss him the truth is I'll miss my pet terrier, Flipper, much more," she said.

"I had to leave him behind with a friend and it's breaking my heart."

Rachel, 26, from Hull, was working in Sydney after spending the last two years travelling.

She met Reeves at a bar in Sydney last month but returned home today.

The couple had one final night together on Tuesday, Rachel told the Mail on Sunday.

"We had a wonderful last night. Keanu is a bit of a star performer between the sheets as well as on the screen."



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