The Sunday People (UK), December 9, 2001

My nude balcony romp with Keanu

By penniless blonde from Hull who stole his heart


by Sean O'Brien

A penniless backpacker from the dingy backstreets of Hull has told of her amazing raunchy romps with Hollywood heart-throb Keanu Reeves.

Just a few hours after these pictures were taken of Rachel Jones giggling playfully with the screen hunk on a clifftop above Bondi Beach, they were making love nude on the BALCONY of Keanu's luxury hotel.

The pigtailed blonde, speaking exclusively to the Sunday People, said last night: "If people had looked up they would have seen us both naked cavorting on the balcony overlooking the main street at five in the morning.

"We were totally starkers and afterwards we stood up and looked down at the street as we enjoyed a post-sex cigarette.

"We could easily have been seen in all our glory, but there wasn't a soul about.

"We both joked about what a picture that would make of the two of us."

Tonight Rachel, 26, will be back in cold grey Hull, a former Yorkshire fishing port perched on the edge of the bleak North Sea.

But she will have memories of her three-week affair on the other side of the world with Keanu, 37, to keep her warm.

Rachel said: "The sex was really good. We had a wonderful last night together. You could say Keanu is a star performer between the sheets as well as on the screen." Rachel told how her amazing romance with one of the world's biggest screen idols began when she walked into a hotel bar in Sydney with a girlfriend.


Keanu, who is in Australia making two sequels to his sci-fi classic The Matrix, was drinking there with fellow-actor Laurence Fishburn.

By chance, Rachel's pal knew Fishburn - and moments later Rachel was chatting to one of Hollywood's most eligible men. The down-to-earth lass, who had spent nearly two years in Sydney scraping a living as a writer for a rock magazine, says: "We instantly liked each other.

"He was a really nice, funny guy and we really hit it off. He's witty, well-read and philosophical."

Keanu who has been dating his old British flame Amanda de Cadenet since the tragic death of his girlfriend Jennifer Syme in a car crash last April, immediately launched a torrid affair with Rachel.

He wined and dined her in Sydney's top spots took her for rides on his Harley-Davidson motorbike and openly kissed her in the Street.

Rachel says: "He treated me really well. Keanu likes to go out to the top places where there are plenty of people around - even Bondi Beach at its most crowded."

And when Rachel was about to fly back to Britain last week, the smitten star gave her a last day - and night - to remember.


The petite blonde kept Keanu waiting at the gates of her apartment close to Bondi Beach for nearly 20 minutes while she got ready after he arrived on his gleaming Harley.

The pair then greeted each other on the street with a big hug - watched by star-struck neighbours leaning over their balconies. Keanu then rode his lover to the nearby cliff tops on his Harley and they went for a romantic stroll hand-in-hand.

It could have been a scene out of one of his movies as the couple kissed and cuddled while watching the sun go down.

At one point the actor sprawled out full-length on the grass, with Rachel hugging him, lossing him and rubbing his back.

He then whisked his pretty woman across town to a pub for a few drinks, then on for a romantic meal and back to his five-star hotel where they made passionate love for the last time.

The besotted actor begged Rachel to stay in Australia longer - even though his ex-fiancee Amanda, a model and actress, is flying out to be with him for Christmas.

When news broke about Keanu's Yorkshire lover last week, Rachel was irritated by reports that she had stolen the film star from his glamorous lover Amanda.


Rachel said: "Keanu kept telling me he was just friends with Amanda, but I didn't want to know. What they do together is none of my business although frankly I can't understand what he sees in her."

Her main concern was what her parents Bernadette and Ken, who live m Birmingham, would think. She says: "I thought, 'Oh my God, my mum is just going to die'. I can just hear her saying, 'What shame has Rachel brought on the family now?'

"When she reads the bit about me having naked sex rotups with a movie star she'll go mad."

Now no-nonsense Rachel, who returns to her old job as radio news presenter at Hull's Viking FM station on Tuesday, has few regrets about leaving her famous lover behind.

She said: "Yes, making love with Keanu was amazing, but I'm not going to marry the guy or anything.

"I wasn't going to turn to jelly because he's a famous Hollywood star and move in with him. No way.

"Of course, I'll have some fond memories of Keanu. He's been really nice to me and I like him a lot. Going out with him was fun, but no big deal.

"My friends are swooning about it all the time and getting his videos out. I only ever saw him in Speed and thought it was crap.

"I've seen The Matrix since, which is not my kind of movie, but I really liked it.

"Maybe we'll send each other a Christmas card or an e-mail."

Rachel, who shares student lodgings in Hull with seven other people added: "The only thing that I'm not happy about is getting a reputation for being a wild woman.

"Tm not like that. My ultimate ambition is to be a serious news presenter.

"So it's back to the cold winter and the hard grind in Hull for me."


Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava , Speed , Matrix, The

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