Sydney Sunday Telegraph (Aus), December 9, 2001

Reeves a proper gent.

Proving that he is not only a nice guy but an impeccable gentleman, Matrix star Keanu Reeves appears to have been looking after local love interest, Rachel Jones, 26, extremely well. The couple were spotted dining out at Lucio's during the week and Reeves, who arrived without booking, graciously accepted the news when told there were no tables available and waited at the bar with his companion.

Jones, a journalist, is heading back to the UK, where she is about to start a radio job, so Reeves organised a driver to take her dog to a kennel way out of town.

Afterwards he allegedly told her he wasn't fussed if she sold the story - something Jones was reluctant to do, despite being offered significant amounts of cash by the UK press.

Jones has also hit back at recent media reports which described her as a backpacker, saying she has always been a working journalist.

With the attractive young woman soon to be heading back home, Reeves is apparently set to welcome many of his chums from LA for a Christmas celebration.

It is expected that he will spend the holidays in Sydney, but at a location out of town.


Matrix, The

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