Woman's Day (Aus), December 17, 2001

'Is Keanu good in bed? Is the Pope a Catholic?'

British backpacker Rachel Jones stole Keanu Reeves' heart, then gave The Matrix star the flick

by Frank Thorne

The woman who captured the heart of Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves may be the envy of half the female population but we can reveal that she's given the Matrix star the flick!

British backpacker Rachel Jones told Woman's Day in an exclusive interview that she's not impressed by fame and fortune.

Instead, she's on her way back to England, having kissed multi-millionaire and megastar Keanu goodbye to return to her life as a radio journalist in Yorkshire.

But as these pictures show, Keanu couldn't resist one last roll on the grass with the beauty who stole his heart. And even though his regular girlfriend, Brit actress Amanda de Cadenet, was soon to arrive in Australia for Christmas, romantic Keanu made sure Rachel's last night in Sydney was one night of passion she wouldn't easily forget.

When news of Rachel's red-hot affair with Keanu hit the pages of a notorious Sunday scandal sheet back in London, Rachel's first concern wasn't being dumped by the screen idol, who also enjoys an ongoing relationship with 'wild child' Amanda. Rachel said her first thoughts were, "Oh my God, what will my mum think? She's just going to die. I can hear her saying: 'What shame has Rachel brought on the family now?'

"The thing I'm not happy about is having my name mentioned alongside Amanda, with her wild reputation for sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. I'm not like that. My ultimate ambition is to be a news presenter.

And it seemed Keanu's ambition at the moment was to give lover Rachel one last night to remember. As our exclusive pictures show, Rachel kept screen idol Keanu waiting at the security gates of her apartment in Bondi for nearly 20 minutes, while she got ready.

When she finally emerged, Keanu greeted Rachel with a huge hug. They then rode off on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to the lighthouse reserve at Watson's Bay where they frolicked in the grass, hugging and kissing, the sun setting in front of them.

Soon afterwards they had some beers at a pub in Paddington, then dinner at the posh Lucio's Italian Restaurant where Keanu treated Rachel to a fabulous final meal together.

But it was clear Keanu didn't want the night to end as he and Rachel rode back to his harbour hotel where they spent the night before she was to fly home.

When asked about Keanu's prowess between the sheets Rachel had told the London newspaper: "'Is Keanu good in bed? Is the Pope a Catholic?"

Rachel told friends that Keanu was an amazing lover. "It's been great fun being with Keanu. I've had a ball. One time, we were chatting totally starkers (on his hotel balcony) and standing up, looking down at the street as we enjoyed a post-sex cigarette."

Rachel, who spent two years working in Sydney, met Keanu in a bar when they were out with mutual friends. "Keanu was drinking with Laurence Fishburne. My friend knows Laurence, so she was talking to him and I got talking to Keanu. He was a really nice, funny guy and we really hit it off. He's witty and well-read.

"But as far as the future goes, I'm not going to marry him or anything like that. I've got my own life to lead."


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