The Globe (US), December 25, 2001


Lovebirds get hot 'n' heavy Down Under

Keanu Reeves has fallen head over heels for a poor British backpacker he met in Australia.

The hunky actor met blond beauty Rachael Jones in a bar in Sydney, where he's filming the next two Matrix sequels - and they made an instant love connection, sharing steamy nights of passion in her modest apartment and his plush hotel, sources say.

"Rachael was out with friends when they were introduced," confides a friend of the 26-year-old stunner. "At first, she kept forgetting his name, but you could tell by Keanu's face that he was mesmerized by her.

"They laughed and joked for a few hours before taking a taxi back to Rachael's flat.

"She says he's an amazing lover. They fell asleep in each other's arms and when Rachael woke, she thought he'd gone. But she's known for her untidiness and had just lost him under the clothes littering her room!"

The next evening, Keanu, 37, treated the former radio newsgal to a pricey dinner at an exclusive waterfront restaurant.

"Rachael was roaring with laughter," the friend confides. "She says he's extremely witty."

As our photos show, the cozy couple enjoyed cruising and exploring on Keanu's Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

They were so comfortable with each other that Rachael kept her famous beau waiting with his bike at the security gates of her apartment for nearly 20 minutes while she got ready - and Keanu didn't seem to mind a bit!

Later, the lovey-dovey duo was spotted strolling, holding hands and kissing passionately on a park bench. At one point, Keanu lay down on the grass and stretched out full-length, with Rachael hugging and kissing him and rubbing his back.

"They seemed very, very happy together," says one onlooker.

Pals say Rachael has been watching her pennies by riding buses and walking everywhere during the two years she's been in Australia. But lately, she's been tooling around in Keanu's luxurious $45,000 Audi sports car.

Amazingly, Keanu's ex-fiancee Amanda de Cadenet, 29, recently flew into Sydney and some sources are predicting a reunion before Christmas!

Meanwhile, Rachael is full of compliments about her new man.

"Yes, Keanu and I have been seeing each other," she gushes.

"He's a great guy and we've spent many cozy nights together. And is Keanu good in bed? You'd better believe it!"


Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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