The Cairns Post (Aus), January 3, 2002

Keanu a No Show - Star Skips Kart Date

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves booked out Cairns Kart Hire for 40 of his mates yesterday but cancelled the visit at the last minute. The owner said the actor and his entourage had planned to trey their hand at go-karting but did not show up. He said he supposed Reeves was put off by the chance of being recognised and mobbed by fans seeking autographs and photos. During his stay Reeves has kept his activities firmly under wraps, with tourist operators asked to sign a $10,000 secrecy clause to protect his privacy. But he has visited The Great Barrier Reef and last Thursday took on the Tully River for a day's rafting with an adventure company. Raging Thunder owner said Reeves booked a trip for about 28 people. I know there was some other movie stars out there as well. He declined to name names as they were very protective about their privacy.

'We were sworn to secrecy because he didn't want to sign any autographs.' He said the group really got stuck into the rafting adventure.

'They let their hair down and misbehaved because no one was watching. The feedback that we had from Keanu was that he likes his action and adventure and he thought the Tully River was great. He fell out a couple of times and we dragged him back in. He just liked the beauty and the scenery of the river.'

Mr.Ariel said the star studded group took their own chef and food with them on the rafting trip and tucked into a feast of North Queensland prawns and other seafood for lunch. They used our catering facilities up in the jungle and prepared special food to their individualised tastes.



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