IGN (US), January 4, 2002

Smith, Weaving Talk Matrix

by Brian Linder

Despite the raging wildfires near Sydney, Australia, filming of The Matrix sequels at Fox Studios Australia looks like it will continue. According to Dark Horizons the production has been on break over the holidays but is currently scheduled to resume on January 14th.

Despite the fires near the city, the crew seems to be planning a pyrotechnic-heavy shoot for mid-February. The Daily Telegraph says that the Wachowskis are getting set for a February 14th shoot at White Bay power station near Sydney. They have reportedly submitted an application to build a $200,000 set. The plan is to destroy the entire set with an explosion that will cause a 20-meter high fireball. The shoot is tentatively set for February 14th at midnight.

Things are definitely heating up as anticipation builds for the first of the two sequels, due to be released on Memorial Day of 2003. The stars of the film are even getting excited. Hugo Weaving who plays Agent Smith in the films recently spoke with the Herald Sun about his role. He says, "There are developments (involving my character). He's definitely the villain and I figure I've got to have a good time with him. He's the baddy. There are developments which I won't divulge, but I think they're fantastic."

Jada Pinkett Smith is also stoked about her experience on the films. Jada portrays Niobe, Morpheus' love interest in the film. She told Jam Movies, "Niobe is one really tough chick. She's the captain of her own ship and, boy, can she kick butt. I don't recognize myself when I see some of the dailies I'm so mean and tough." She says, "The stunts are amazing... These sequels are going to blast the original off the screen, and that's exactly what the fans want."

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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