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Who did the Wachowskis get to replace Jet Li in the MATRIX sequels?

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest rumor about what is going on inside the MATRIX... a very complicated web that we're looking into to get additional confirmation of this story, but they've done a good job so far as I've seen to keeping this quiet. Here ya go.... this is a very good choice I feel. Here ya go...

Dear Harry,

Aquagreen here, with an inside scoop on the Matrix Sequels:

Before I begin, I have a warning to all martial art movie fans, and Matrix fans - of course: Get Ready, the Biggest Bad Ass of all villains has landed inside the Matrix!!!

It appears that the role originally offered to Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh was given to veteran Hong Kong action star Collin Chou (aka Ng Sing). The amazing fact is that the Matrix Production has been able to keep this casting secret under wraps for nearly a year!!!

For those that are not familiar with Collin Chou, he's most famous for playing the assassin opposite Jet Li in "Bodyguard From Beijing" (aka "The Protector" under US Video Title). To get a glimpse of this guy's martial art capability, just watch the video and you'll notice he's just as good if not much more dynamic than Jet Li! Personally I think he's got the Best Kicks of all action stars in the world!

It also helps that Collin Chou was working for Yuen Woo-Ping's stunt team during the Matrix Pre-Production. I'm sure there had been a strong lobbying of support from Master Yuen to get Collin the part that so many actors were pursuing.

There is also an interesting twist relating to Collin getting this role. Back in 1996 Warner Brothers had approached Collin to play the villain in "Lethal Weapon 4" opposite Mel Gibson, because the producers liked what they saw in "Bodyguard From Beijing". However in the last minute they decided to give the role to Jet Li instead, hoping that would boost the Asian Boxoffice. Flash forward five years the tide has shifted to Collin's favor under the most unexpected circumstance. This may be the biggest irony of all. Talk about fate, or karma may be???

I don't know too much about the character Collin's playing, the only tip I got is he's playing a protagonist (Collin the Villain playing a good guy? Can't wait!!!) alongside Keanu Reeves' "Neo". The bottom line is I can't wait to see him explode out of the silver screen in the biggest movies of 2003 and 2004!!!

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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