(US), January 14, 2002

The Matrix Reloaded Set Report

'Synopsis' sent us the latest from "The Matrix Reloaded" set at the University of Las Vegas. Check it out...

I work as a security guard at the university of las vegas, and thought you'd like to know that some scenes of matrix 2 were being shot. From Jan. 3-6, a few scenes were shot. Keana reeves was there in full leather outfit, however he was the only cast member i recognized because i couldnt get too close.

the scenes involved a lot of work with trapeze and wire, and keanu was involved in a lot of action shots (firing guns and what not).

Anyways, just thought id let you know. Ill keep my eyes open for any more info.

Thanks to 'Synopsis' for the good catch.

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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The

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