IGN (US), January 16, 2002

Reloaded Rumblings

Get the latest scoop on The Matrix sequels...

by Brian Linder

It's been a while since our last update, and there are several important Matrix matters to attend to, and some intriguing scoop to report.

The University of Las Vegas recently played host to the cast and crew of The Matrix Reloaded. The production was on hand for a location shoot that took place on January 3-6. As reported on Coming Soon, several scenes were shot that featured Keanu Reeves in a Matrix-style leather outfit. The scenes involved a significant amount of wire and trapeze work, and featured Reeves in some fast-paced action – firing guns and the like.

From the casting file: Ain't It Cool News says that the part originally intended for action star Jet Li has been given to Taiwanese-born actor Collin Chou (sometimes called Ngai Sing). The star of Hong Kong cinema is most famous for playing the assassin in Bodyguard from Beijing (US video title: The Protector). Chou reportedly worked with Matrix fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping's stunt team during the film's pre-production. You can check a cool Collin Chou site here – it's even cooler if you can read Japanese.

Finally, some potentially cool scoop comes from a source that claims to be "in the know." The teaser trailer for The Matrix Reloaded (the same one we told you about in May) has been complete for many months now and is ready to go. But our source says not to expect it to hit movie screens until late October.

Also, word comes of some secret casting maneuvers going down with the third Matrix film. It seems that a professional wrestler who must remain nameless may be in talks to join The Matrix Revolutions. The unnamed wrestler already has a couple of films under his belt and has had some free time lately due to a hiatus in his career. He will reportedly play a bad guy who cannot be stopped physically and whose brain extends beyond their head – into computer chips, etc. Very interesting stuff! Stay tuned to IGN FilmForce for the latest.

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Matrix Reloaded, The

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