(US), February 14, 2002

The Matrix Reloaded Set Report

THOUSANDS of people turned out last night to watch a little piece of The Matrix before it hits Sydney screens.

The former power station at White Bay was the site of an explosion for the sequel to the hit film, being filmed in Sydney.

The Anzac Bridge was closed and fire and ambulance crews placed on standby for the explosion.

Spectators lined every available vantage point for the event, with many even climbing on to rock piles on the docks for the best view.

Crew on the set gave a five-minute warning before the explosion was triggered at 11.20pm.

The blast lit up the area briefly, with the fireball reaching at least 15m into the air.

A plume of smoke spread into the air and across the City-West link.

But when the explosion came, many of the watchers were disappointed in their glimpse of Hollywood magic.

Cries of "Is that it?" could be heard from all angles once the fireball had died away.

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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