The Matrix Online (US), February 14, 2002

SPOILERS - BANG! There goes White Bay Power Station -- I was there. Again!

Hey all!

An hour ago, I was overlooking the set-up they had constructed at the White Bay Power Station. We had found an empty space between two buildings that had a direct view of the setup, and we could see quite a lot.

The crew had it set up like a tennis stadium, four high wooden-backed walls (I couldn't see the inside) with many bright stadium-style lights shining in. There were also lights inside the walls, which I couldn't see but the light itself was shining out the top. What I could see of the inside walls was all white with a few sections of green in the middle at the bottom. Two of the walls, closest to the Anzac Bridge, were double the height, and had large freight containers backing them up. A container-sized room was behind one also, we saw people go into this room and when they came out the lights on a platform above them came on quite bright, so I'm assuming it was a control room. Everyone who was walking anywhere near the complex was behind clear hand-held blast shields so we guessed there wasn't anybody inside the walls for safety reasons. There were security type people with flashing lights that looked like they were going to try and land a light aircraft inside the Power Station.

Suddenly the lights intensified and the flashy light men flashed their lights even faster.

The explosion itself reminded me of driving very fast over a short, loose-planked wooden bridge. The bulk of the fire was coming from the corner with high walls, which leads me to believe that maybe in the other corner they had the cameras to film it. The fire contained a lot of debris in it, but nothing that could show what exactly was being blown up, and a lot of smoke was generated. City-bound traffic on the bridge had been stopped so that was empty, and nobody could see anything for there, however from our spot a lot could be seen. Directly after it happened a man came by and said "That was it. Thankyou all for coming" then hopped on his radio and said that they "had a pedestrian problem". When we left, a fire-truck came past, and was slowed down by said pedestrian problem.

Anyway, I'm much of tired, so I must sleep. If you have any questions about the explosion you can email me at, or if you have your own experience to share you can do so at The Zion Switchboard.

Thanks for reading.

p.s. Channel 7 News was there, so if Australians want to see what I'm talking about, watch the Friday 15th broadcast - it should be there.

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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