Ananova (US), February 25, 2002

Keanu Reeves and Denise Richards set for Euro road trip movie

Keanu Reeves and Bond girl Denise Richards are being tipped to star in the Swedish-backed thriller The Devil's Tears.

The film is about a couple on the run from the mob and is set in the Netherlands.

Reeves' character goes on the road after trying to sell £5 million worth of jewels back to the Amsterdam company they were stolen from.

Mikael Haafstrom is directing the drama from a screenplay by Hans Aake Gabrielsson with the production likely to start in late summer.

An insider told Ananova: "What's fascinated Keanu and Denise is the cross-section of cultures as the film moves from Holland to Denmark to Sweden.

"It's the ultimate Euro road trip."

Reeves has just finished making the sequel to The Matrix.


Matrix Reloaded, The

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