Las Vegas Review-Journal (US), February 25, 2002

Local publicist takes turn on less familiar side of rumor mill

Here's a story as old as Hollywood: a publicist denies a "negative" story.

Only this time, there's a different twist: the publicist, a local, is denying that she's pregnant by a celebrity.

Tanya Vece, who grew up in Las Vegas and lives in Henderson, acknowledges she has been seeing actor Keanu Reeves. But, she says there's "absolutely no truth" to a tabloid reporter's claim that she's pregnant by the "Matrix" star.

"We met in August and we're good friends, but I'm still 120 pounds," said Vece, 22, who owns a PR company called Gossip Media. "I wouldn't classify us as an 'item.' We're not exclusive to each other."

But Reeves has visited her in Henderson, she confirmed. Her clients have included comedian David Spade, Stuttering John of "The Howard Stern Radio Show" and "a lot of up and coming comedic talent." Vece represented The Venetian's Canyon Ranch Spa for about a year before what she characterized as a "pretty nasty separation."

"A lot of my friends in the entertainment business were coming in; one was Robert Downey Jr., and some people were uncomfortable." A Canyon Ranch source said the parting had more to do with Vece promising but not delivering celebrity customers.


Matrix, The

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