(US), March 5, 2002

Keanu Reeves May Jack Into 'Billy' After Disconnecting from 'The Matrix'

HOLLYWOOD - After performing wire-fu in the future world of "The Matrix" and its upcoming sequels, Keanu Reeves could practice a little kung fu in the past via a remake of "Billy Jack," Variety reports.

"Billy Jack" writer, director and star Tom Laughlin is negotiating with Danny DeVito's production company Jersey Films and Reeves' management firm 3 Arts to get his 1971 counterculture smash remade.

The original centered on a half-Native American, half-white ex-Green Beret in touch with both his spiritual and butt-kicking sides who protects a peace-loving liberal arts school and the environment in an Arizona town from the conservative establishment. The silent type, he exacts justice with his martial arts skills.

Laughlin, who owns the rights to the movie, will play a key role in the production, which will likely be shopped around to studios in the near future. Since the original was extraordinarily profitable thanks to its low production cost and high box office gross, he has received quite a few remake offers in the past.

"Billy Jack" marks the first picture that Reeves has seriously considered as a follow-up to "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions," with which he has been busy on with a yearlong, back-to-back shoot.

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