CHUD (US), March 5, 2002

You Don't Know Jack

After completing work on The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, currently scheduled to be released in theaters in May and November of 2003 respectively, actor Keanu Reeves might just go retro.

The actor is currently in talks to star in a remake of the 1971 action western Billy Jack as the title character.

Danny DeVito's Jersey Films, along with 3 Arts Productions, who manage Reeves, are currently in negotiations with Tom Laughlin, the writer/director/star of the original film to grab the rights for a remake. Should he agree to let them have the rights, he would also take a role of some importance in the production. Laughlin has received numerous and profitable offers to remake the film in the past, but he never got hooked.

The project is expected to be open to studios soon for distribution rights.

The original Billy Jack told the story of an ex-Green Beret, who fought in Vietnam and whose heritage was half-Native American who fights the bad guys to save some wild horses from being senselessly destroyed and also helps a school of runaways. It played heavily on themes of the late 1960s (i.e., peace not war, fighting the system, etc.)

Two sequels followed the original film: 1974's The Trial of Billy Jack and 1977's Billy Jack Goes to Washington.

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