Sydney Sunday Herald (Aus), March 17, 2002

Time Lags on Matrix Shoot

Production on The Matrix sequel has slipped even further back with industry insiders estimating the producers are as much as four months behind schedule.

Not that this is bothering visiting international star Keanu Reeves, who has been seen at various restaurants across town dining with an attractive dark-haired woman.

If Reeves is to be believed , the woman is not a love interest but his sister Kim, the one woman he keeps going back home to when all his glamorous relationships fail.

Kim was born in Sydney at Paddington's Women's Hospital in the 1960s when the Reeves family called Dover Heights home. The Diary would welcome a call a call from anyone who knows the exact house, incidentally.

Reeves remains fond of the city he once called home, but fonder still of the sister who helped him weather the emotional storm after the death of his girlfriend Jennifer Syme last year.

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Reeves Family


Matrix Reloaded, The , Reeves Family

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