Toronto Sun (Ca), March 21, 2003

WHOA! Keanu is an award!

by Jim Slotek

Look out Razzies. There's a new "worst movie" awards in town -- The Keanus.

Fans of bad movies have until today to vote online on The Keanus, the new alternative Oscars being inaugurated by the Independent Media Institute.

"The awards are named after Keanu Reeves, in honour of the next Actor Most Able to Make Bad Movie After Bad Movie, with Little Real Acting Skill in Evidence, and Yet Emerge Unscathed and Well-Loved," the institute says on its Web site,

Other Keanus categories include Celebrity Most Likely to be Crushed by the Weight of Own Ego, Worst Marketing/Tie-In Consumer Rip-Off, Film that Should Have Skipped Theatres and Gone Straight To Video, and Film that Should have Skipped Video and Gone Straight to Inflight Movie



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