Moviehole (Aus), April 5, 2002

The Matrix Revisited

This one was too good to sit on folks, hence the slightly earlier post. Our man on the inside 'The Inside-Man' is involved with the Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. A lot of what's going on with these films is pretty hush-hush, But I removed the tape and got the dirt. Our spy, who will be on-set til June, tells us it's "going ok". "Shooting both films simultaneously, but 99% of the work on "Matrix Reloaded" complete", 'Inside' tells us. "Heaps to go on "Matrix Revolutions", but amazingly, only about a week behind schedule after over a year of filming! (That, by the way, is a fucking miracle and a testament to the Wachowski's. Most films of this nature would be about three/four months behind schedule", he adds. "All main cast are working away (Fishburne, Jada, Hugo, Carrie-Ann, and Keanu), and stacks of Aussies as well (Lachy Hulme, Clayton Watson, Chris Kirby, David Roberts, Robert Mammone, Anthony Wong)", our main discovers. It's believed that Lachy Hulme's part is minute but he will be starring in the video game with Jada Pinkett Smith and Anthony Wong. "It is the best role in the Matrix universe. The game is a HUGE fucking production in itself, and stars Hulme Jada, and Anthony Wong. They've finished the SFX part of it (that took four months) and now they've got 1st and 2nd unit stuff to shoot, which goes till June" says our man. Apparently there's also a certain lead actor whose not winning any fans with the rest of the cast or crew - mainly because he can't act. Thanks to our man on the inside 'The Inside-Man'. Now get back behind that bush dude!

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