Daily Telegraph (UK), April 6, 2002

Keanu's a hit in pub but not on pool table

EARLIER this week, while whooping it up at Woolloomooloo's Old Fitzroy Hotel, a group from The Virgin Backpackers in Kings Cross thought they recognised the serious looking chap sitting in the corner, paying equal attention to his schooner, Marlboro Reds and unknown brunette. Yup. It was Confidential's favourite Sydneysider, Matrix star Keanu Reeves.

One of the backpackers, Louise Baker, tells us he not only happily posed for photographs – by the look of it, "happily" seems a slight exaggeration – but he also challenged them to a couple of games of stick.

His pool game was a bit off that night, as he cursed nearly every shot.

"He was not happy with the pommie 'two-shot rule'," said Louise's friend Matt Leitch.

Back to Keanu. After the game, the star shook hands with his green felt competitors and, with ciggies and brunette in tow, zoomed off into the night on his Harley.


Matrix, The

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