The Matrix Online (US), April 12, 2002

Channel [V] talks to The Matrix stars

by Nerje

On Australia's Channel [V] news program, Informer, Andrew "Super" Mercado was able to catch up with the four biggest stars of The Matrix sequels, Carrie-Ann, Laurence, Keanu and Hugo.

I managed to catch the whole thing and here are my notes. There's a few bits missing but I think I grabbed all the important stuff.


All the interviews took place in a Neb bedroom.

Super mentions that Agent Smith looked pretty dead at the end of the first film. Hugo replies with "well you'll notice that I seem to die about three or four times through the whole film..." followed by "If Neo's around, Smith will be around".

Super brings up the other two Agents, Rob and Paul. Hugo says that they "ran away after the first film" and that they would not be returning, but he had other Agents to back him up. Super whinges about the Aussies being replaced by international actors and Hugo mentions that there are a few international villains, American, Swiss, and so on. (Weren't the Virii noted to be Swiss?)

Then Super asked if the stunts were more involved, had the ante been upped? "The Ante has certainly been upped".

Then Super cuts to a clip of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive mimed by Hugo in drag, from Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Funny stuff.


Super compliments Laurence and says that we all loved the first film, when did he realise that it would be a trilogy and not just a single film? Laurence says that about midway through shooting they realised that there was a lot more to this whole Matrix thing and that there would be a possibility of making two more films.

"When fans approach you," asks Super, "do they ask you questions and expect you to be an expert on the Matrix mythology?"

"No," replies Laurence. "They expect me to BE Morpheus".

Super wonders if it's difficult to work with the blue screen. Laurence says no, with most films blue screen is commonplace and the challenge is actually in the size, and the length, and the post production, and the fact that he release will also be unique. Super comments that the third movie is a while away, and Laurence will be talking to people about it very a very long time after he's finished making it.

"And before," comments Laurence.

Being a music channel, Super asks what Laurence listens to. Laurence is listening to a 5-disc Jazz documentary right now and in makeup he's been listening to Groove Armada.

Finally Super asks a decent question - what can we expect from Morpheus in the sequels?

"Expect him to be a lot bigger, a lot more intense."


Super is a comedic genius and says that all of Carrie-Ann's projects begin with M - Models Inc, Matrix, Memento. Carrie-Ann jokes and says that it's her technique.

Super asks if it's amazing to read a story like The Matrix and then see it on screen. She says it's exciting to watch something like The Matrix manifest on screen, and this is largely due to the "Bill Popes" and "Kym Barretts" (there were other names mentioned and I didn't catch them, sorry). She also says that what she's doing now is strange - she can't imagine it until she sees it on screen.

Super mentions that the interviews are taking place in Trinity's quarters (awesome). He mentions that they aren't girly, it's actually quite masculine, and Carrie-Ann doesn't mind that, but she notes there are no flowers in there.

What can we expect from Trinity?

"I can't say too much, but expect great action, and lots of shiny PVC costumes".

Super blabs on about Models Inc. then asks Carrie-Ann if she's seen the DVD. She says she's got a DVD player but can't figure it out so she doesn't know.

Then they show the Rock is Dead clip from Marilyn Manson.


Note - I missed a bit of this because I could write what he said or watch the footage onscreen. Guess which I chose?

Super says that the first one was about Neo's journey, what about the sequels? Keanu says "yes, and no" and that they aren't just about Neo, and go in a few other directions. The first film was an awakening, the sequels will take a different stance.

They talk about Keanu's training regime for a while. I was incredibly distracted by the scenes being shown so I ignored that bit.

Super asks about the soundtrack, and what can be expected. Keanu doesn't have a clue, and mentions that The Prodigy were a large part of the brothers' pulse, their vibe, during the making of the first film. Super asks if there'll be a Dogstar track on the CD and I love Keanu's reply: "Heh, doubt it."


The behind the scenes footage was shown during the part with Keanu.

We saw the mansion scene, in which Neo (armed with a sword) fights off a person with a sword + shield, a person with a trident, and a person with a stave/pike/halberd thingy. This is similar to the ET footage but it shows a little more of the opponents. Their weapons are incredible, very medieval. Most of them wore black and the person with the sword/shield seemed to be a woman in a kind of white.

The we were treated to another part, with what looked like a mess hall, wooden tables in a row in a medieval style building, though maybe it was more akin to the dojo in the first movie. On the tables, Neo sparred with an opponent that looked of asian descent with a white cloth outfit. Neo was in his trenchcoat. They would trade blows and the opponent would jump and do a quad-kick like Neo did in the dojo scene in The Matrix, and Neo would block these kicks as the both of them jumped the gap backwards onto the next table. Then they traded blows again, and repeated the jump/quad-kick/block onto the third table.

Anyway I hope that's of some interest to you. It should be repeated regularly through the week on Australia's payTV Channel [V] so keep an eye out for it.

I'll try and catch it again and fill in the parts I missed, and hopefully get a better look at that footage. See you guys around on The Switchboard.

- Nerje

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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