The Sunday Telegraph (Aus), May 5, 2002

Keanu falls for a noodle approach

Proving that one doesn't have to hang out in ritzy restaurants to meet Hollywood stars, exotic real estate agent Elissa Krajcer was ordering her lunch at a seriously unchic Double Bay noodle bar when she noticed a cute guy.

Even better still, Krajcer, who was working at L.J. Hooker's at the time, realised that he was also checking her out.

Seizing the moment while waiting for her stir-fried noodles with veg, Krajcer asked whether he smoked.

The two were soon outside puffing away and striking up a friendship. The man turned out to be none other than Keanu Reeves and he quickly invited her out for a date, informing Krajcer exactly how to contact him in his serviced apartment in the city.

It is not known just what happened next, because Elissa quickly went underground and, in perfect timing, is no longer working in Double Bay but even more salubrious Mosman.



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