The Daily Telegraph (Aus), May 12, 2002

Keanu Watch

With Keanu still set to take out Mosman real estate agent, Elissa Krajcer, after meeting her in a Double Bay' noodle bar, more stories about his private life have come to light.

One Halle Berry lookalike, who claims to have met Reeves when she worked as an extra on the set of the Matrix, is telling the story around town, that they spent a lot of time lounging about on Keanu's bed reading the Bible.

Perhaps he was getting into the mood for a future role?

In the meantime, proving that he is a man of very different tastes, he was snapped in this week's Jewish News at Bondi falafael joint Sababba – and was quoted proclaiming Israeli food as some of his alltime favourite.


Matrix, The

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