Ananova (US), May 19, 2002

Police to copy Matrix moves

Police officers are being trained in a form of self-defence spectacularly employed by Keanu Reeves in hit action movie The Matrix.

The Canadian developer of the Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response (SPEAR) course is arriving in Britain later this month to teach the unique skills to officers from 22 forces.

Tony Blauer's technique, which involves promoting quick reactions, inspired some of the astonishing action seen in Hollywood's 1999 science fiction blockbuster.

Officers attending the course hosted by Warwickshire Constabulary will learn how to manage the psychological and physical effects of fear.

They will be taught how to turn defensive reactions - such as the urge to cover their eyes, face or other vital organs - into an "open-handed blow" to their assailant.

Pc Simon Rogers of Warwickshire's firearms operations and training department said: "We do the Matrix Drill. You know the bit where Keanu Reeves stands still and just moves his body as the bullets fly past him?

"This is what we teach officers to do - to dodge and move and to keep their feet still."

Two sequels to The Matrix, which also starred Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving, are due to be released next year.

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