The Sun (UK), May 21, 2002


by Mark Bowness

Here are the first fantastic pictures from the sequel to smash-hit movie The Matrix.

As our exclusive photos show, The Matrix Reloaded will be even more exciting and stunning to look at than the original.

Filming of Reloaded and its follow-up, The Matrix Revolution, has just been completed in Australia at a cost of £100million.

Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves picked up £35million to appear in both movies. He plays computer hacker Neo, who joins the rebels to fight evil machines in a parallel world to stop them taking over the planet. As these pictures show, the stunts are set to be stupendous. In one scene, martial arts expert Neo battles FOUR versions of evil Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaver.

And Laurence Fishburne, who plays samurai sword-wielding good guy rebel leader Morpheus, takes on two albino hitmen in a stunning set-to in an underground car park.

The Matrix Reloaded is set for release next summer, with The Matrix Revolution following a couple of months later.

But filming of the sequels, which again stars Carrie-Anne Moss as sexy rebel Trinity, has been marred by tragedy. Keanu's personal life was shattered when girlfriend Jennifer Syme had a stillborn baby. As they were recovering from that heartache, Jennifer was killed in a car crash.

Then a motorbike accident left Keanu badly injured.

Singer Aaliyah, 22, who was to have had a major role in The Matrix Reloaded, was killed in a plane crash last August.

And actress Gloria Foster, 64, who played The Oracle in the first film and was contracted for both sequels, died in October.

The Matrix became one of the most talked about movies ever wires it was released in 1999.

Its state-of-the-art special effects and slow-motion martial arts scenes helped it to four Oscars and spawned copycat movies and computer games.

The film made £300million worldwide and became the fastest-selling DVD on record. To date more than 20million copies of it have been snapped up on video and DVD.

Movie insiders are predicting the sequels will do even better at the box office.

A Warner Bros insider said: "The Matrix changed the face of cinema with its special effects and action sequences. These two new films will leave fans spellbound.

"There is no way on earth that audiences will leave cinemas disappointed."

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