(US), May 22, 2002

Access Hollywood Description (Matrix 2)

by Paul Martin

This description comes from The Dark Mallard! Awesome man, awesome: This is the annotation of Access Hollywood last night. I am not sure if everything is correct, because I do not know what a "cannon roll" or a "cannon pipe" is. But here is the annotation:

NARRATOR: You're gonna like this. Welcome back. "The Matrix" raised the bar of special effects. Next year's sequel, "The Matrix Reloaded", takes stunts to a whole new level. Buckle up for a car chase that leaves anything you've seen before... in the dust.

LAURENCE FISHBURNE: The movies will be unstoppably watchable.

CARRIE-ANNE MOSS: We're trying to do something more extreme.

KEANU REEVES: The action aspect of it is much more complex.

NARRATOR: Call it choreographed insanity: Careening cars; Mac trucks out of control; Perhaps the most audacious car chase in the history of cinema; Action so intense, they buiult a freeway from scratch to pull it off.

KEANU REEVES: When you flew into San Fransisco, you could see it from the sky. It was cool to drive on. It was two sides, two three-lane directions, with overpasses...

R.A. RONDELL (STUNT COORDINATOR): 1.4 Miles, three lanes of traffic, all brand-new asphault. A giant playground, is what it became.

NARRATOR: A playground frought with danger, as the stars push themselves to their physical limit, to do many of their own pulse-pounding stunts. For this scene, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss were actually in the car as it appeared to spin out of control. And Carrie-Anne jumped on a bike for this high-speed cat and mouse chase.

R.A. RONDELL: Carrie Anne basically had some motorcycle background from her childhood. She did very very well. They all excel with instruction.

NARRATOR: Every detail of the action was meticulously planned for maximum visual fear. Cameras were placed inches from speeding vehicles so you'd actually feel like you were there. Cars were sliced in two so they'd come apart on impact. And stunt coordinators literally dodged death over and over to make each shot better than the next. But perhaps the biggest risk of all when stunt coordinators decided to choreograph one of the most ambitious multi-car chase scenes ever attempted. Almost unheard of all of the action would happen simultaneously, something rarely ever done because one wrong move, and you've got an eminent disaster.

R.A. RONDELL: Two cannon rolls in it, two dragon pipe ramps, two T-bones, and a jack-knifing truck all in the same 250 feet of the freeway, all at 60 miles an hour, and choreographed to do that, and to do it twice.

NARRATOR: Talk about raising the bar. See how it all plays out when the Joel Silver-produced "The Matrix Reloaded" hits theaters a year from thursday, May 23rd, 2003.

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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