National Enquirer (UK), July 2, 2002

They're back!

The Enquirer takes a sneak peek at… The Matrix Reloaded

One of Hollywood's hottest sci-fi thrillers will soon be back on the big screen, with two exciting sequels to "The Matrix" scheduled for release in 2003 -- and The ENQUIRER is giving you a sneak peek at what's in store.

In "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolution," Keanu Reeves' heroic character Neo rejoins Laurence Fishburne's Morpheus and Carrie-Anne Moss' Trinity, in the continuing struggle for survival in the 22nd century. The courageous trio and their crew roam the last human city of Zion, battling machines that have enslaved the human race in the Matrix:

"The sequel carves a continuation of Neo's journey and his quest to find out the truth," said Reeves, whose amazingly agile character flies, dodges bullets and runs up walls to escape he bad guys.

"The kung fu sequences are more sophisticated and more challenging than the first film. It's pushed me to my limits."

"The Matrix Reloaded" is due for release in summer 2003. "The Matrix Revolutions" is due out only months later, in November.


Deadly Dame: Carrie-Anne Moss' character is dead serious when she takes aim at her enimies - and they wind up seriously dead! Sexy Trinity is Neo's love interest in the smash-hit saga.


Four play: Keanu Reeves learned new kung fu tricks for the action-packed sequels. Here he shows off his spectacular footwork as he leaps into an attack on four different versions of evil agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving.


Crouching fighters: Rebel guru Morpheus sticks it to evil twins - played by actors Neil and Adrian Rayment - after they ambush him in a parking garage.

PLOT SHOTS: Resistance fighters from the smash hit "The Matrix," regroup in their ship (above) as they plan their next attack in "The Matrix Reloaded." They're joined in their battle against nonhuman foes by new character Niobe - played by sexy Jada Pinkett Smith (right) - who provides a love interest Morpheus.

Below, Neo counts casualties after his battle with enemy agents.


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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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