Hindustan Times (India), July 23, 2002

Keanu scraps Dogstar tour to care for dying sister

Keanu Reeves has cancelled a Japanese tour with his rock group Dogstar so he can be by his sister's bedside as she battles leukemia.

The actor has been jetting back to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia, where he's filming the Matrix sequels, but he's now put his career on hold as he fears his sister Kim is dying.

Reeves took it upon himself to raise his baby sister when his parents' marriage collapsed when he was just seven and they've always been close.

American tabloid the Globe claims Reeves scrapped a recent return to Australia to take his sister to France for innovative new cancer treatment instead.

One pal says, "Kim has told us, 'He has been a total rock, my guardian angel. Without him, I wouldn't have survived so long.'"

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