The Daily Telegraph (Aus), July 28, 2002

Keanu's capers keep all the girls guessing

by Ros Reines

THE romance between Mosman real estate agent Elissa Krajcer and Matrix star Keanu Reeves seems to be continuing at a cracking pace after the couple first met at the Double Bay Noodle Bar several weeks ago (as I exclusively revealed in these pages some time back).

Recently they were spotted drinking together at the Hotel Cremorne – which is just around the corner from Krajcer's home where Reeves is thought to have had several sleepovers.

This weekend they were also expected to be dating again, much to the excitement of the young and attractive Krajcer's buddies who are breathlessly following their every move.

However Reeves appears to be keeping his options open, also wining and dining a mystery woman last Monday at Catalina and last Saturday over lunch at Double Bay munchateria, Arte e Cucina.

In fact, Reeves and his tattooed companion chose an outside table for a casual Saturday lunch, but as the word spread, it seemed every beautiful woman in Double Bay suddenly made a bee-line for the restaurant. (And there are quite a number of stunning women on manouevres in the exclusive shopping precinct on any given Saturday afternoon.)

Nevertheless, the couple took their time over the meal before roaring off on his motorbike parked nearby.

With so much delirium over Keanu, how ever will we manage when Brad Pitt – the sexiest man alive – lobs into town?


Matrix, The

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