Premiere (Fr), July 2002

The Matrix Reloaded

Rarely a production with the scale of Matrix 2 and 3 succeeded in having its secrets so well kept. It's time to reveal some of them now.

by Mathieu Carratier

Since 10 months now, the matrix is reloading in the Fox Studios in Sydney. This almost one year long shooting has permitted the Wachowski Bros. to film not one, but two sequels to their unexpected 1999 blockbuster. Even if the scenario is, of course, the best looked-after object on the set, some interviews and meticulous crosschecks allow us to think that the second film will take place in the Matrix while the third one will take place in the real world, Neo and his group facing hordes of robots and no agents anymore.

One thing is for sure, one of the most impressing scene could be a carchase...from a new kind. David Ellis,the second team director who filmed this scene, confirms it: "In the past you've seen pretty good chasescenes on the highway, but you surely none with guys "beaming" from vehicle to vehicle while they are fighting!"

Concerning the famous "bullet time" effect, you'll see none in the Matrix Reloaded. "I was disappointed to see that it was becoming to a visual "gimmick", sighs John Gaeta, the special effects supervisor, who created new tecnologies for the film: "We are able to prolong the most complicated stunts beyond from what we could do with real takes." Roughly, when the actor is beating up 5 guys flying in the air, his digital representation will beat 20 of them up.

Joining the first part survivors (Reeves, Fishburne, Moss), the cast has been completed with more or less known faces: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Harold Perrineau, Nona Gaye (Replacing Aaliyah) and, of course, Lambert Wilson, who plays a Matrix big shot. Monica Bellucci is playing his wife. "She is Adam and Eve's apple", declares Kym Barrett, the chief costume designer. "Lambert is the snake." We can hardly wait till May 2003 to understand what that means.

Pictures :

1-Big picture: The imagery is looking more and more religious. According to Keanu Reeves Neo will have to learn what "personal sacrifice" means.

2-Harold Perrineau (Mercutio in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet), Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne on board the Nebuchadnezzar.

3-"the Matrix sequels will "null" the way films were done until now. " Joel Silver (obviously)

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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