Herald Sun (Aus), August 4, 2002

Keanu's mystery woman

by Adam Zwar

THERE are two Aussie women in the life of Hollywood star Keanu Reeves.

The first is Sydney real-estate agent Elissa Krajcer. The second has remained a mystery -- until now.

Her name is Fiona Lewis. She's from Melbourne, and she and Reeves have been "seeing each other" for two months.

The unassuming 20-something used to wait tables at Southbank's River Restaurant -- whose bar this columnist frequented before following a sober path.

River patrons who thought Fiona was a "a shy young lady" were gobsmacked when they saw television footage of her and Reeves canoodling at the Sundance Film Festival.

Fiona -- often seen having a quiet drink at the Grand Hotel in Richmond -- sports a cluster of tattoos over her body, including a huge skeleton across her stomach.

Apparently, it's unfinished.

She also shows off a crown-like image on her shoulder.

Matrix star Reeves is so enthralled by the Melbourne brunette he's bought her a new Ducati motorbike, believed to be worth $30,000. Only problem is Keanu is back in LA visiting his sick sister, and Fiona can't afford to have the bike serviced.


Matrix, The

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