The Sunday Telegraph (Aus), August 25, 2002

It's a wrap for Keanu capers

Although there have been stories that Keanu Reeves likes to sit on the bed and read the Bible with some of his dates, it's good to know that he also enjoys more red-blooded amusements.

One of Sydney's leading exotic dancers was recently thrilled when she started her performance at Joanna's restaurant in Surry Hills to discover that the audience consisted of Reeves and some of his mates.

The party was very enthusiastic, particularly during the entertainer's celebrated pole-dancing segment.

Meanwhile, Matrix's wrap party held during the week at Fox Studios was an unqualified success. Reeves was present, and the celebrations continued into the early hours of the morning at various Sydney locations.

With Reeves who is understood to have flown out of Sydney last week, left at least one Sydney woman, Mosman real estate agent Elissa Krajcer, disappointed but a tad relieved.

Apparently she is finding all the media attention focused on her a little hard to take. Besides, she can always visit him in the States.


Matrix, The

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