IGN (US), September 10, 2002

The Matrix: Double Vision

by Brian Linder

We round up the latest Matrix news, including word from the evil, silver-dreadlocked, virii twins!

September 10, 2002 - If you've been keeping up with the Matrix sequels, you've seen Adrian and Neil Rayment before. The 30-year-old identical twin brothers play the two white-wearing, silver-dreadlocked dudes that Morpheus is shown fighting in one of the previously released Reloaded production stills (see below). The Rayment twins have been working the media circuit lately (probably looking to land their next movie gig) and we've got a coolness-filled round-up of what they've had to say.

While talking with the BBC's Liquid News (picked up by Empire Online), the twins said that their visually striking characters are actually "rogue viruses within the Matrix mainframe." They're bodyguards to "one of the main characters in the film." "We're inherently evil," they say.

The twins previous claim to fame was a gig as handymen on the do-it-yourself show Better Homes. But when they're not working with power tools, they're brushing up on their martial arts moves. In the September issue of The Face Magazine, the twins reveal that they're actually second-grade black belts in Shotokan karate. They also let fly that their characters' weapons of choice are pearl-handled switchblades that they keep in their long white trenchcoats.

Adrian and Neil Rayment as the Evil Twins

Adrian tells the mag, "We play left and right-hand men to Morpheus' opposite – a new guy... the Mirror Vision." According to Neil, "The [Wachowski] brothers' explanation is that we're like a deleted program that will wander the Matrix forever." Adrian adds, "A pool of deleted programs are ruling the Matrix – the Mirror Vision is a magnet for all programs with this desolate lifestyle."

The "Mirror Vision" character that they're referring to could be the one portrayed by Lambert Wilson. An Ain't It Cool News tipster recently described Wilson's character as "king of the virtual world," and they add that he is able to "program himself" in any language he wants.

Sounds like things are getting interesting! Keep your browser on IGN FilmForce as things heat up for The Matrix: Reloaded.

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