CHUD (US), September 15, 2002

Keanu is Superman? Update!

by Dave Davis

***In an interview with Latino Review, director Brett Ratner confirms he will indeed be doing the Superman movie. Ratner does, however, say that the Keanu Reeves rumor is false. Ratner's Red Dragon co-star Anthony Hopkins states his interest in taking the Marlon Brando role of Superman's father Jor-El. Check it out for yourself. ***

Without a doubt, Coming Attractions has been the source for news on the upcoming big-screen Superman project, and they're not resting, oh no.

Their latest tip? You'd better sit down. The man in the cape will be none other than Johnny Utah, Ted "Theodore" Logan, Neo himself...

Keanu Reeves.

While even casual fans of the Man of Steel may be shaking their heads in confusion or outright disgust, putting Reeves' name above the title certainly does make some degree of sense. After all, the Superman movie is at Warner Bros., and the 38-year-old actor is starring in what may well be their biggest franchise ever, the Matrix films.

CA seems pretty confident in this news, so I guess we should get used to it. If he can get that clueless glint out of his eye, he actually may not be that bad... he's got the "hair whip" thing going on, and he can bulk himself up when necessary. And we've already seen him launch himself into the air in The Matrix. And hey, at the very least, this means he won't be playing Hellblazer in the Constantine movie, right? (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. - Ani)

Coming Attractions also says that, despite comments to the contrary this week from previously-attached director McG (Charlie's Angels), Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) is most definitely in the chair for the project. They also have some tidbits on the new title and who might be taking over for Marlon Brando as Supe's daddy Jor-El, but you're gonna have to go over there to find out.


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