The Daily Telegraph (Aus), September 26, 2002

Shooting from the heart

HOLLYWOOD heart throb Keanu Reeves may have left Australian shores some weeks ago but his influence here goes on.

The Matrix star features alongside a a host of local celebrities lending their support to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in its inaugural magazine Pink Ribbon.

Reeves went out of his way to squeeze the studio shoot, for which he donned a pink ribbon t-shirt, on his last day in Sydney before he jetted home to the US last month.

Deputy editor of the magazine Virginia Webber said Reeves "couldn't have been nicer" and was genuinely interested in the foundation's educational work.

"He actually did it right before he left," Webber said.

"We had a mutual friend who I organised it through.

"The day before he left he rang . . . and said, 'I'd like to be involved in this but I'm leaving town tomorrow'.

"So we pulled it all together in a day."

Reeves desire to be involved in the magazine, which will raise money for the NBCF, was sparked by his own family's cancer crisis.

His sister Kim has battled leukemia for many years and he was set to visit her in Italy after leaving Australia.

"He did it for all the right reasons and he was really keen to know about the project," Webber said.

"It was something he felt very strongly about."

Reeves took the T-shirt with him, so hopefully he'll spread the word even further.

The magazine goes on sale next Wednesday and all profits from its sale will raise money for the NBCF.

Reeves' selfless actions go a long way to disproving the theory Hollywood is all about self, self, self?



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(2009-07-07 14:25:50)
 I LOVE him for doing that, because my mother's a cancer patient. So I know what he and his sister have gone through with chemo and all the crazy things that happen with it.

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