The Nation (Thailand), October 11, 2002

Keanu the musician hams it up with Dogstar

Known for his good looks and roles in movie blockbusters, Keanu Reeves is in Thailand not as a Hollywood star but to play bass for his band Dogstar, performing tonight at the Indoor Stadium Huamark at 8pm.

by Kreangsak Suwanpantakul

Appearing unshaved in a T-shirt, black jacket and with tousled hair, Reeves led his band mates Bret Domrose and Rob Mailhouse in a relaxed, joking interview. "Pop-rock, rock n'roll, alternative and impressionistic are all mixed in our music," said guitarist and vocalist Bret Domrose. "Oh, he loves Julie Andrews," says Domrose of Reeves. "Oh yeah. Edelweis, Edelweiss…Edelweiss," sang Reeves to much laughter.

The band is hoping to explore Thailand as much as their short sojourn will permit.

"I want to see the Grand Palace," said Reeves enthusiastically. "We want to go shopping and to the beaches to catch the sun," said drummer Mailhouse.

Coming from perennially sunny LA, the band was not put off by the prospect of flooding, and seemed to relish the prospect of adventure. Getting stuck on an island appealed to Reeves, who said he would forage for food and water like the contestants in the TV show "Survivor". Domrose said he would make a stupid soccer ball called Wilson as in the film "Castaway". Mailhouse added that he would "masturbate", much to the shock of a female reporter and the laughter of the gathered crowd.

With Reeves' acting career taking him away on movie shoots, how often do they get together to practise their music?

"Every eclipse," joked Reeves.

Music idols and influences are varied and include John Lennon, The Beatles and Pete Townshend.

Dogstar's rise began when they supported Bon Jovi's tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1995. With the help of Reeves' Hollywood fame, Dogstar's popularity skyrocketed.

They released a four-song EP entitled "Quattro Formaggi" and then the album "Our Little Visionary" in 1996. The latest album, "Happy Ending", was released in 2000 and includes a cover of The Carpenters' song "Superstar".

The band says freedom and enjoyment have kept them going this long, and they love to perform.

"As long as people show up to enjoy the music, that's all that matters," said Domrose.

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