On Air (Thailand), October 2002

Keanu Reeves in Concert

(Translated from Thai by wickysis, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Mon. Oct.7, 2002

Keanu Reeves and Dogstar, consisting of Bret Domrose, Rob Mailhouse and the crew, arrived at Bangkok International Airport.

The band manager had requested that news of their arrival be kept secret. However, it was no secret at all! Dogstar (or Keanu?) enthusiasts, though only few in number, were waiting around the arrival area for their breathtaking encounter with their favorite superstars.

Skipping forward an hour later to the arrival, there finally appeared the real flesh-and-blood KEANU, skinny, scruffy and with a little stubble covering his cheeks, yet still glamorous and shining. He stood out of the group looking a bit out of ease, occasionally waving to his fans as he entered the arrival area. Over 50 bodyguards were there to do their duty of protecting our Hollywood-import actor, trying not to let anyone get close to the man until he finally got into the beautiful Mercedez provided by the main concert sponsor.


Tue. Oct.8, 2002

Several Dogstar fans and journalists called up the On Air office to get some information such as what Keanu would do and where he would go for the day. To their disappointment, "They won't go out, juststay at the hotel the whole day. They'll probably be out for something to eat but we have no idea when the guys will get hungry (!!).", was the only thing we could say. And what we had said turned out true. Keanu and his fellows spent all day long at the hotel, until evening when they went out for dinner along Chao-Phraya River at a Thai restaurant, and then rushed back to their place.


Wed. Oct.9, 2002

Today the threesome were neatly dressed up. Keanu looked a bit more stressed and uneasy than he had been the night before. 'Why was that?.. Camera shy?'.. No way! for such a popular movie star like him. Later we got the impression that it might be because Keanu was too conscious about his celebrity. The media might direct all their attention solely onto him, KEANU the Hollywood super star, not KEANU the musician. All the press people agreed that Keanu would not look into the crowd most of the time during the conference, staying out of camera frame, keeping a low profile at the left corner.

That was absolutely understandable, but it was totally unavoidable for a Hollywood star like him not to be the center of interest. For this reason, the concert organizer requested every media to co-operate and focus their questions on Dogstar music, and on Keanu as a member of the band.

Thu. Oct.10, 2002

Another Dogstar day-off. Everybody got up very early in the morning to go for a trip to the beach. 'Hua-Hin' was the place where the boys were much less guarded, relaxing and enjoying their private lives. No media, no camera, no flash lights.

Fri. Oct.11, 2002

Here came the show date! Dogstar fans span several age groups, actually. Quite a lot of foreigners, as well as famous Thai movie stars, came to enjoy the gig.

Dogstar appeared on stage in a very relaxed style, getting started with hard-beat songs. The audience at the front row continually screamed and shouted to show their support for the band. Their voice was so loud that it could possibly crack the hall! Some even bursted into tears while rocking along with their beloved band.. (Oh my GOD!)

Song List:
2.Slipping Down
7.Your World
9.A Dream Time
11.I Confess
13.Blown Away
14.Wish You Were Here

A few minutes before the show was about to be over, Keanu surprised the audience by opening his mouth, uttering some words for the first time. He introduced each member of the band and lastly himself. It was enough to send his fans drooling all through the night. That is what the word "SUPERSTAR" means, indeed..

That was all for Dogstar at the night of October 11, 2002 in Bangkok, where Keanu stated that he wished to come back again whenever he got the chance.


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