News of the World (UK), November 19, 2002


No wonder he's so filthy rich

WE'RE not saying he's trashy or anything, but Keanu believe this?

The actor destined to become the highest-paid movie star in the world has dust bin rumbled rummaging about in the rubbish.

Speed star Keanu Reeves was spotted throwing away a garbage bag in a public dumpster in America's San Fernando Valley recently when he suddenly saw something he fancied.

Moments later the 38-year-old actor walked to his mum Patricia's place two blocks away, straining under the weight of a battered old cardboard box.

Keanu is set to make a cool £126MILLION from his two sequels to The Matrix—out next year—so it's not as if he needs to scour bins for bargains.

The contents of that box are a mystery. We reckon it was something even his money can't buy. Perhaps an offer for a very dirty movie that he just couldn't... er... refuse!


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