Variety (US), December 1, 2002

Keanu's two-pic parlay

Thesp to take on laffers after 'Matrix' sequels

by Michael Fleming

Keanu Reeves will fill out a love triangle with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in an untitled comedy written and to be directed by Nancy Meyers for Columbia Pictures. Reeves will also star in "Thumbsucker," an indie adaptation of the Walter Kirn novel that was adapted and will be directed by Mike Mills.

Thesp will do both films before moving to the previously announced "Constantine," the adaptation of the DC-Vertigo comic "Hellblazer" at Warner Bros. All three films will shoot next year.

After completing back-to-back sequels in "Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions," Reeves will diversify with Meyers' romantic comedy and the quirky "Thumbsucker," the misadventures of an orally fixated man whose thumbsucking habit is cured through hypnosis.

In the Col comedy, Reeves plays a doctor caring for Nicholson, who suffers a heart attack at the house of his young girlfriend's mother. While there, Nicholson's character falls in love with the mom (Keaton). Reeves' character also has designs on the woman and doesn't care that she's 20 years older.

Keaton, with whom Meyers worked in "Father of the Bride" and its sequel, has long been expected to play the man magnet (Daily Variety, Aug. 20). Frances McDormand is now in negotiations to play Keaton's sister.

"There is a bit of a duel between the men, and she is thrown and flattered by the doctor's attention," said Meyers, who fixed on Reeves for the role after a few meetings. "He is funny, charming and beautiful to look at, and after doing 'Matrix' for an entire year, it will be fun for him to do a dialogue picture that is comedic and fun. This is a departure from what we're used to seeing in movies, with the older guy and the ridiculously young girl that makes everybody roll their eyes. I find this both hopeful and positive for women."

The 3 Arts/CAA-repped Reeves will then move to "Thumbsucker," which Ted Hope's producing banner, This Is That, is still in the process of setting up.

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