Empire (UK), December 2, 2002

Comic Keanu

Obviously a little bored of personally saving the human race, battling a malevolent cyber-intelligence and general kickass kung-fu, Keanu Reeves is ditching the mean look for some lighter fare post the Matrix.

And he couldn't get much quirkier if he tried. First up will be an as yet untitled comedy revolving around a love triangle made up by the rather unlikely trio of Reeves, Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. And you did read that right. Swapping the Matrix for a medical ward, Reeves will play a dashing young doctor who treats an ageing lothario played by Nicholson in a script from What Women Want director Nancy Meyers. After suffering a heart attack, Nicholson's character falls in love with his young girlfriend's mother, which is where Keaton comes in as a woman whose mature powers of attraction also ensnares the young doctor. Confused? We think we're meant to be.

Then after this love tussle with the older generation, Keanu's resolutely sticking to the alternative side of the cinematic fence with indie flick Thumbsucker. An adaptation of the novel by Walter Kirn, the movie centres around the misadventures of an orally fixated man whose attempts to break the cycle – including sex, substance abuse, work, religion and fly-fishing – all fail until he tries hypnosis. Definitely one for the non-mainstream drawer, then.

Not content with all this frantic activity, the busy boy will then appear on slightly more familiar ground in Constantine, the adaptation of the DC-Vertigo comic "Hellblazer." With all three films scheduled to be shot next year and The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions set to dominate our dreamhouses for most of 2003, Keanu's non too ugly visage will be very hard to miss indeed.


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