On Air (Thailand), December 11, 2002

Exclusive Interview with Dogstar

(Translated from Thai by wickysis, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Once again, On Air is the only magazine in Thailand to be selected for an exclusive interview with a SUPERSTAR. Although only 10 minutes were allocated, we got to know about this man, Keanu Reeves, and his fellows, a great deal.

On Air - Is this your first time here in Thailand?

Keanu - Yeah. It's such an great opportunity to be able to travel here.

Bret - It's pretty far and I never thought that we would ever have the chance to be here. We're here now, though.

Rob - We've never been here before. This is our first time, really.

On Air - How do you guys feel about flying from L.A. halfway across the world to this country?

Keanu - Tired... [grinning]

Bret - We took a direct flight, no transit, so it felt like some time.

Rob - We were stuck in the plane for about 24 hours.

On Air - Do you think it's the MUSIC that brought you guys right here right now?

Keanu - Yes. Absolutely.

Bret - Freedom and enjoyment have kept us going this long, and we love to perform. We're here now because of the music we create. It's like an international language that connects people. No matter where they are.

Rob - And it narrows the space between people. We're happy with it.

On Air - Well, let me ask you, Keanu, how do you feel on stage?

Keanu - Just like a dude trying to do my best.

Bret - [laughing] I think he's been doing his best, a pretty good job.

On Air - What's the differece between acting and playing music?

Keanu - Acting is my life and music is myself. I love them both, equally, and am trying to do my best in both.

On Air - How about your new album... any progress?

Bret - We've done more than half of the album and are still working on it little by little.

Rob - We have no idea when it would be completely done. We just keep working on it, editing, revising it over and over again 'til we get what we want. Then it's time for it to be released.

On Air - You had a pretty hard time with the first two albums; have you ever felt like giving up or anything?

Keanu - Sometimes. But we know we have to keep it up because we're doing what we love and what nobody forces us to.

Bret - It's a rhythm of life. As long as people show up to enjoy the music, that's all that matters.

Rob - I felt a bit depressed at first but, looking back, I think there was no big deal. It's just a matter of luck.

On Air - How do you guys usually prepare yourselves before the concert?

Keanu - I do some exercise, pump-up, practice... Oh, and some meditation to keep my mind right! [laughing]

Bret - I write to my family. (what a joke!?!)

Rob - I pray that God would bless us, that we would be safe. (Man! are you gonna go on stage or to a battle field??)

On Air - Have you ever come up with any idea to surprise the audiences?

Keanu - Rob might want to go naked around the stage... That would be a big surprise, I guess! [laughing]

Bret - I would do some cooking, like dining there on the stage with the audience. Seems pretty fun.

Rob - Keanu should jump down into the audience down there, and it'd surely be a scuffle!! [laughing]

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