(US), December 19, 2002

Matrix Stand-In Talks Working on Sequels

The Illawarra Mercury talked to Alex Sturman, a stand-in for Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith). Like everyone else, he couldn't reveal much in terms of the plot, but was able to share what it was like working on the films: Sturman got the job of extra on The Matrix sequels through his agent because he was between the required height of 1.8m to 1.85m the directors were looking for.

They also placed an ad in Sydney newspapers asking for more people of that height.

Sturman feels comfortable disclosing the information about the height requirements because of the ad. Otherwise he's very cautious as to what he reveals about the sequels.

"Basically, you can't disclose anything," Sturman admits.

About the only other thing he can say is you won't see his face in the movie- only his body.

While on set, Sturman got a bit of a promotion. He went from being just an extra to the stand-in for actor Hugo Weaving.

What that means is Sturman (who is the same height and build as Weaving) would stand in front of the cameras while they got the angles and lighting and whatever else right, and then Weaving would walk in and shoot the scene.

Working as the surrogate Hugo Weaving meant Sturman got to spend a fair bit of time with the genuine article, who is "very friendly".

"You're told not to approach the actors unless they approach you but he'd always have a chat if we were on set," Sturman says.

The movie's star, Keanu Reeves wasn't quite so chatty.

"He was very quiet, actually," Sturman says.

"He's just a very quiet bloke who likes to keep to himself - he likes to focus on the character."

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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