TeenHollywood (US), December 28, 2002

Keanu's Vigil For Dying Sister

The actor abandoned the set of the new Matrix sequel when he discovered 35-year-old horse-trainer Kim - who has battled the disease for 10 years - had worsened.

He then whisked her off to a luxury resort in Hawaii so he can make her final days as comfortable as possible.

There is a full-time chef available and Keanu even organised a 3am massage for her when she ached too much to sleep.

A source says, "They are staying at a $2,700 a night suite at the exclusive Hana-Maui Hotel resort in Hawaii. He's spending a fortune to make her last days as perfect as possible. Keanu is an angel of mercy. He put his life on hold to be there for his sister.

"Keanu would give anything to make Kim better. He is praying for a miracle, but if one doesn't happen he is determined to make her time left comfortable. She is the most important person in the world to him."

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