The Hot Button (US), January 17, 2003

It's one of those national holidays that's only kind of a national holiday¬Āc For a moment, it seemed like there would be an early national holiday when I got word that there was going to be a junket for The Matrix Reloaded this week. And indeed, there was. Keanu, Larry, Carrie-Anne, Jada and Joel were all on hand at The Avalon this Tuesday when about 30 journalists from a half-dozen countries came to town for a sit down. But, amazingly, the journos weren't even shown the 20-minute reel that caused Newsweek Magazine's Devin Gordon to wet himself earlier this month. Worse, none of the talent would discuss any details about the film. But Jada did say that Will saw the 20 minute reel and admitted that he was wrong to have passed on the project back when he was offered it. In fact, she described him as "rolling on the floor" when he saw the clips.

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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The

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