TeenHollywood (US), January 28, 2003

Keanu's Kind Gesture

Generous actor Keanu Reeves has sacrificed a massive $38 million to prevent the two new Matrix films being scrapped.

The Speed hunk gave up his claim to a cut of the films' ticket sales when producers began fearing the box office would not cover the costs of making the special effects-laden flicks.

The gesture is one of the most generous ever in Hollywood and has stunned studio bosses.

A Warner Brothers insider says, "The special effects in the new movie are beyond belief - but hugely expensive."

"There was a real danger the projects would be scrapped until Keanu offered to sign away his cut. He has kissed goodbye to a huge sum of money."

Keanu was paid $10 million for the first Matrix movie in 1999 and picked up a further $35 million as his cut of worldwide box office sales.

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