Sci Fi Wire (US), February 4, 2003

Ellis Previews Matrix Chase

David Ellis, who helped coordinate the massive freeway chase in the upcoming sequel film The Matrix Reloaded, told SCI FI Wire that he and directors Larry and Andy Wachowski mixed on-set special effects with computer graphics to achieve the eye-popping sequence. Moviegoers got a glimpse of the chase in the movie's Super Bowl TV commercial, in which an agent appears to hop onto the hood of a speeding car, smash it and flip it over.

"We would do the car chase, and then when [the agent] is jumping from car to car, we would [first] actually implode the car," Ellis said in an interview. The filmmaker would then shoot an actor jumping against a green-screen background. A computer would then composite the two shots together, making it seem as if the actor were jumping onto the actual vehicle.

"That is how the front of the car crumples when [the agent] lands on it," Ellis said. The effects team would also catapult cars over the freeway, to make them seem as if they were being propelled by the agent's impact. "When he'd hit a car, we'd flip it over with a cannon, and then we would [composite] him in with that," Ellis said.

The Matrix Reloaded opens May 15.

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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The

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