TeenHollywood (US), March 9, 2003

Nicholson Joke Angers Keanu

Veteran star Jack Nicholson has disgusted his new co-star Keanu Reeves - by asking a beggar for money.

The Hollywood hell-raiser, who is currently shooting the as-yet-untitled Nancy Meyers project in Los Angeles, was walking with Keanu during a break in filming when the homeless person approached them - so Nicholson asked him for cash.

However, while the About Schmidt star found the episode hilarious, explaining he enjoyed "freaking out" people, Reeves fell out with him.

A on-set source explains, "Jack thought it was funny but Keanu didn't. Keanu believes performers have a duty to look after their fans.

"He also reckons that well-off people like himself should do their best to help the homeless.

"Things were a bit frosty between the pair on the set after that."


Something's Gotta Give


GuestJust when i start to be (2017-05-07 18:21:57)
 Just when i start to be a bit pissed off about some of his decisions, I read this kind of article just to remind me how he is a person of his own with much bigger understanding of our existence in the universe.

It is easy to be a Hollywood star but it is damn impossible to be Keanu. He is gifted with a special soul.

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