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Joel Silver says some stuff about MATRIX 2 & 3

Joel Silver says some stuff about MATRIX 2 & 3 that'll make you weep and stare at the calendar for months!Hey folks, Harry here... Oh, the agony. Can't you see... we're all trapped in BULLET TIME waiting for this one to come out. That quote of Joel's below... it is the sort of quote that makes one's head throb. Is he full of shit, overly confident, or has he just seen what we haven't yet? Dammit, the second hand just did two backsteps! ARRRGH!


I was idly watching TV last night here in Blighty, in particular the great decades-old movie review show Film2003, as formerly hosted by the mythical Barry Norman, now the sardonic and amusingly speech-impedimented Jonathan Ross. Interestingly, the lisping one claimed to have an exclusive on-set look at the two Matrix sequels.

So I watched. Nothing massively earth-shaking to report, I'm afraid. Keanu (who is looking particularly trim) tells us that Neo has lost the awe of the first film, and has now realised his dominion over the artificial world. Mr. Fishburne, in between particularly raucous bouts of laughter, told us that "the student has now overtaken the master", and that Morpheus is now not a teacher, but a general. Jada Pinkett-Smith said some particularly uninteresting and unenlightening things about her relationship with Morpheus and how they "come together". Everyone commented on the physicality of the shoot, and how many knocks they took.

But perhaps the most interesting was what Joel Silver had to say. He went out of his way to state that this movie will surpass all the hype, all the expectations. He even went so far, after spouting a lot of superlatives, as to say that "after this, movies will never be made the same way again", and in an amusing and probably unintentional allusion to the first film, that "The bar has been raised so high that... there is no bar".

A mega-budget producer fluffing up his own project, or a genuine belief that this will be a revolutionary film, one to reshape future movie history? We'll find out soon enough...

Oh, and by the way, there was a little bit of funky new footage, too. But I'll keep you guessing on that one...

Don Pablo

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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